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JetBabe Plastic Surgery with a Twist

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Our site will give you the latest most up to date plastic surgery options for Breast Augmentation and other procedures available today. is a direct extension of my practice, Ress Plastic Surgery, intended to make Breast Augmentation as well as other cosmetic procedures both easily available and enjoyable for patients who would otherwise pay much more in cities such as New York, Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia.

Modern plastic surgery can improve just about any part of your appearance you feel is imperfect. You no longer need to feel self conscious about an imperfection. Whether it is something you were born with, something that developed through the effects of ageing, sun damage, or pregnancy, almost any problem can be solved.

Exterior Decorating™

Dr. Ress believes in a holistic approach to Plastic Surgery, that is to say that your outward appearance should be beautiful and we hope to make how you feel great about yourself. Cosmetic surgery affords you the option of making the two coincide. We call it Exterior Decorating™

When you choose a plastic surgeon you are entrusting him with your appearance. You can be assured that my surgical training and experience are of the highest standards obtained after years of training at America’s finest medical institutions and universities.

Your JetBabe™ surgeon and staff will get to understand not only your goals, but your aesthetic ideals as well, through questionnaires and online video and in person consultation. Rest assured that Dr. Ress and the JetBoob™ Team of physicians and clinical staff have the knowledge and technical proficiency to make it happen.

Look like you have always dreamed of looking at a price you can afford.